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Any South African will tell you: one of our most prized traditions is a good old-fashioned braai. There’s nothing quite like a piece of meat prepared on an open flame, and few things pair as perfectly with a braai as  your typical salad, potatoes and of course, garlic bread. Unless, of course, you consider wine (but we all know wine pairs perfectly with anything).

Just this week we wrapped up our latest Come Wine With Us event, this time however, there was a twist! In both Johannesburg and Cape Town, we hosted our first-ever Come Braai and Wine With Us, and boy was it one for the books. This event showed off an exquisite Durbanville Hills selection that was lovingly paired with braai classics, all selected by the renowned Chef Tjaart, perhaps best-known for his role as a judge on the Great South African Bake Off, along with his prestigious education under Raymond Blanc at Le Manoir aux Quat Saisons, Blanc’s prestige cookery school in the UK. WEBER braais were of course the stage upon which the performance unfolded; this unrivaled kettle braai is a hallmark of South African braaing and ensures tender, flavourful meat, seafood and veggies when used.

Held at the Lagoon Beach Hotel & Spa in Cape Town, and the Miele Bryanston Showroom in Johannesburg, guests arrived to expertly-prepared (giant) slices of pizza which were freshly baked on the WEBER. The crust was perfectly cooked and had guests not seen the WEBER with their own eyes they surely would have been convinced that the pizzas came from a giant clay oven as the taste and profile of each slice was just as authentic as a wood-fired pizza.

Guests were divided into teams of six and given the opportunity to experience a little Masterchef-style opportunity where they could impress not only one another, but also Chef Tjaart, by preparing their own meals on the WEBER braai. This created an excitable atmosphere with an air of competition and delightful banter between teams and teammates. Soon after, the Big Buffet Braai began and the food kept on coming (just as the wine kept on flowing).

It’s no secret that we’re fans of any Come Wine With Us event (after all, when our wonderful guests are in attendance and there’s wine to be enjoyed, how could we not enjoy ourselves?), but it has to be said that this was one of our most unique and enjoyable events, and surely one we will be repeating in the future.

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