Come wine with us with KWV Classic wines at HQ Restaurant
After our successful KWV tasting in Johannesburg at Voodoo Lily Cafe in February, we decided to host the same event in Cape Town in order for our Cape Town members to see what they missed out on! As for a restaurant, we looked no further than HQ restaurant that’s well known for their awesome steaks and ambiance.
 Both Wednesday and Thursday night  was sold out in a record time of 5 days!
 (And this being a week before payday!) That’s some serious FOMO there for you!
On both evenings guests were welcomed with some lovely Demi Sec Sparkling Rose Bubbly from KWV. What was very special to see was that there were quite few birthdays on the evening and  a few people that had not seen each other in ages. 
Come wine with us really enjoys the fact that our guests love coming to our events in order to celebrate, meet people, share and have fun, because that’s what we’re all about!
What was a very special treat for us on the evening was that wine maker of the KWV classic wines, Izelle van Blerk  came to present the Lindt chocolate and wine pairing, along with sharing a few interesting facts about her wines. We started the evening with a Mexican wave….. yes you heard me, a Mexican wave like they do at Newlands rugby stadium! . 
This got everybody right into the mood and we were ready to taste some interesting chocolate and wine combo’s.
We had four combinations and they were as follow:
1.       KWV Sauvignon Blanc with Lindt Mint Dark Chocolate
2.       KWV Pinotage with Lindt Sea Salt Dark Chocolate
3.       KWV Demi Sec Sparkling with Lindt White Chocolate
4.       KWV Tawny Port with Lindt Chilli dark chocolate.
This was  an interesting combo that really took out taste buds on an interesting trip. Wine maker Izelle shared a few interesting facts about chocolate and wine pairings. We think it is an awesome idea for the next time you host a dinner party, and if you’d like to do something fun, then why not try out these combo’s!
Once our tasting was done, guests had the opportunity to mingle. Waiter? from the HQ team pulled off a great show, and presented us their first course, a lovely Coss salad with pine nuts, parmesan cheese and honey mustard dressing. There were a few members that don’t eat salad,  but who gobbled it all up in no time (to our massive surprise!) It’s all in the secret sauce! J
The salad was paired with the delish gold medal winner of a wine, aka KWV Chenin Blanc selling at about R38 a bottle at your local Ultra Liquor. A real bargain we say!
For our main course, it was the ultimate STEAK from HQ served with their yummy stick thin fries and winner of a Cafe de Paris butter soace. Paired with the delish full bodied Merlot from KWV made it an absolute winner at R68 a bottle. People could not get enough!
Dessert was ended  perfectly with the ultimate gorgonzola and white chocolate crème brulee with Caramel pairs and walnuts. This dessert gave Sherry a completely new face. Dessert wines, Eat your heart out! Try the combo at home, you’d be pleasantly surprised!
Our evening end with a few prizes for the birthday guys and gals as well as a few new faces who joined us. HQ, you guys gave us a great time and our fantastic crowd enjoyed it to the MAX.
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View our Clip on YouTube to see what you missed out on:


Until next time!
Lots of foodie and wine love
Come wine with us team

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