Come wine with us Jozi with KWV Classic wines at Voodoo Lily Cafe
After deliberating whether we should broaden Come Wine With Us’ horizons, we finally decided to make the move and jumped straight into the warm loving arms of Jozie,  with KWV classic wines and Lindt chocolate supporting us all the way.   

Not only did we offer an intriguing food and wine pairing at one of the most special restaurants in the heart of JHB North – Voodoo Lily Café – KWV and Lindt decided to spoil our beautiful guests with a chocolate and wine pairing as well. 

The two evenings in JHB were both equally successful, with both nights running smoothly without any hick- ups along the way.  Not only did the Come Wine with Us, KWV and Voodoo Lily team work long and hard hours, we all  had so much fun and formed great friendships in the process.

Come wine with us wanted to create an outstanding first impression for our new Jozie guests. We wanted to offer them an experience that they would not easily forget.  In light of this,  we  decided to approach Voodoo Lily Café.  We love their vibe and what they stand for – supporting local suppliers, fair trade and the organic route.

The guests were welcomed with KWV’s fresh and crispy Demi Sec Sparkling bubbly alongside Voodoo Lily’s salmon pastry canapé.  While guests were busy getting warmed up outside Voodoo Lily they were also shown to their seats, for the exciting chocolate pairing to begin.

After all guest were seated CWWU did a brief introduction of who and what we are. Starting with 6 people around our kitchen table in Cape Town, and growing to more than 800  members   within only two years  brought a  tear to our eyes as  February was our 2nd year birthday.

All in all the KWV classic wines and Lindt chocolate pairing, was a great start! Guest really enjoyed the experience of  tasting wine and chocolate together and that it actually works!

For our starter we were treated to a glass of KWV Chenin Blanc 2013 that was stunning in its own way. It is absolute value for money at R43 per bottle (Gold at Michael Angelo Awards!). Green grassy notes on the nose and tropical on the pallet.  This was beautifully paired with Chicken Korma Spring rolls served with chutney, mango salsa and garnished with coriander. Perfect match!

For the main course we were keen for a bold Merlot and that was what we got at a  STUNNER of a price of R65 per bottle! This was beautifully paired with  Free range beef point rump served with deluxe mashed potatoes, seasonal greens and mushroom valute. Sam and Beth added a little bit of KWV Full cream Sherry to the valute which took the sauce  to a different element! Yummy combo and always a winner!

Dessert was something different of sorts but actually worked amazingly well. Breathtakingly delicious Grogonzola Dolce served with candied nuts, homemade gingerbread biscuits and fruit. The full cream sherry was paired with this delicious dessert and which gave the sherry a new lease of life than just a mere aperitif!

The vibe was cosy and ambient, lights were dimmed, candles on all the tables followed with relaxing background music.  And to top it all off, the guests were absolutely amazing.  They all had great energy, lots of laughter and shared our excitement.  We would not have been able to be a success for this evening if it was not for our guests – What an awesome Jozi crowd – Thankful for having the privilege to get to meet all of you.

We would really like Jozi to follow our trend and share their experiences like we are doing in Cape Town. For us it’s about sharing knowledge, product and place while meeting new and like minded people.

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