Durbanville Hills @ Sinn’s Restaurant Oct 2013 – Musical food and wine chairs

Come wine with us, is all about discovering old and new awesome brands and giving them a fresh look and feel, for old and new followers.  For the month of October, Durbanville Hills wines was the flavour of the month who CWWU approached with a fresh new look and feel .

This month we didn’t just get  involved with great food and wine pairing, but I also met new people after every  course. Musical food and wine chairs was the name of the game and boy did we have fun!
A few weeks ago the Durbanville Sauvignon Blanc festival took place in Durbanville. CWWU met up with Martin Moore, who is the cellar master of Durbanville Hills  and an absolute connoisseur . He introduced us to  two ranges which Durbanville Hills currently produces. 
The traditional Durbanville Hills range which consists of one of the most consistent Sauvignon Blancs in the country, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Pinotage, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon/Shiraz and a Merlot dry Rose.  
Come wine with us wanted to offer our members something different. We wanted fish as a main course and one of Tomas’ well known Sinn’s ice creams for dessert. 
We decided on the Merlot Rose for the welcome drink which was paired with a Paprika Humus canape. 
For the main course, we chose the Merlot with low tannin and great full fruity body to go with our game fish, Yellow tail, seasonal mushroom risotto, red wine jus and greens. 
For the dessert Tomas reduced some of Durbanville Hills Pinotage with some lovely spices in order to make the ultimate Pinotage Ice cream, together with a homemade cinnamon donut and berry compote!
Martin also allowed me to taste the Durbanville Hills executive range called” Rhinofields” which consists  of a Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc (double Gold Michaeangelo), Merlot, Pinotage (very yummy) and  Shiraz. This range  is very dear to Martin as when he spoke about it his whole face lit up. We selected the Sauvignon Blanc to go  with our vegetarian first course, which was a goats cheese mouse served with basil jelly and potato cumin cigar. An interesting combo from Sinns but the wine was one of the most complex Sauvignon Blancs we have tasted this year !
Sinn’s restaurant which has been one of the most consistent and well known restaurants in Cape Town for the last few years, recently relocated to Long Street. They therefore now go by the name of “Sinn’s on Long” and offers light lunches and a dinner menu with an Austrian German twist. Tomas Sinn who is the owner of Sinns on Long, has been in the restaurant business for the past 30 years and boy does this reflect in his food.
The evening commenced with guests arriving, and were shown to their seats. Everyone was in a festive and happy go lucky mood and had no idea as to who they would be meeting on the evening. We were fortunate enough to have booked out the entire restaurant so that we could have the  venue to ourselves.  
Our evening consisted  of 6 tables with 10 people at each table. After the introduction from the winemaker and Sinn’s restaurant, starters were served with the elegant Rhinofields Sauvignon Blanc 2013 which was an absolute treat. 
The vibe was extra cosy and guests was busy warming themselves up for what was to come. After the first course was served, some of the guests were asked to move seats in a clock wise direction. 
Guests then introduced themselves to each other and then had a few minutes to mingle  before the wine and main courses were served. . One thing that really amazes us, is how well connected we are in SA. 
So many guest meet like minded people and somewhere along the way when they started chatting, they had some sort of connection.  
We as human beings all have the urge to connect with others but most of the time feel either too shy to make the first move or feel too safe in our own bubble. In today’s age we all need to connect more and reach out. So many  CWWU members loved the idea of meeting others which allowed them to exchange business and social networks as well.

What made it even more enjoyable was that everyone met over an awesome glass of wine, paired with fantastic food that will not be easily forgotten. 
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Lots of Foodie and wine love

Sybil, Peet and Danielle

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