Death by Chocolate and wine! Nederburg Winemaster’s Reserve at Rococoa Palms Centre, Cape Town

There is something nostalgic about Nederburg that I can’t yet place my  finger on . Is it the fact that maybe most of us grew up with the very well-known/household brand name or is it because of its diverse range and constant quality as a proud brand in the Distell stable?

When Come Wine With Us  approached Nederburg we were well aware of the prestige of this established brand. After researching the Nederburg brand portfolio we realized how many other wine ranges were on offer within the group and we became curious to find out more.Brand Manager, Melissa Diedericks, was interested in what Come Wine With Us had to offer and gave us the opportunity to make use of the Wine Masters Reserve for our evening.
Rococoa, who hosted the first CWWU last year was our chocoholic choice of the month!  What made Rococoa different this time was the fact that we were privileged to experience their underground cellar used for private functions and conferences.
Our inspiration for the evening was chocolate, food and wine. The evening started off with a chocolate introduction with Di Burger, who is the first writer to write about all the chocolate places and current Chocolatiers in South Africa. Thereafter Gabi from Rococoa gave us a chocolate pairing of locally-made chocolates compared to overseas-made chocolate.
After a blind taste test  most Come Wine With Us members voted South African chocolate to be their favourite which was quite a delicious pleasant surprise!
Winemakers  from Nederburg attended both evenings and  briefly chatted about the Nederburg Wine Masters Reserve range. On Wednesday assistant red winmaker, Samuel Viljoen, and Thursday evening assistant white winemaker, Danie Morkel delighted guests with their knowledge and expertise. Both gave us a brief introduction to the NederburgWine Masters Reserve range including a brief  history of the brand. Our wines for the evening were the Nederburg Wine Masters Reserve Chardonnay, Merlot and Special Late Harvest.
The Chardonnay selected for our first course was paired with a Rococoa salad that consisted of cucumber, feta, rocket and pomegranate and ended of with white chocolate shavings. This went lovely with the round full tropical and citrus padding of the Chardonnay.
 For the main course guests enjoyed  coffee rubbed chicken served with aromatic dark chocolate savoury ganach containing cinnamon, cardamom and chilli. This was accompanied by a golden potato rosti and root vegetables. This was complimented  beautifully by  the chocolate and red current notes of the Merlot. Most of our guests had never before experienced the unusual marriage of chocolate and savoury so the savoury ganach was quite a pleasant surprise to the chicken.
Just before dessert Gabi from Rococoa gave us a demonstration on how to make the perfect Nederburg red wine truffle. Guests were in awe when they realised how easy it was to make truffles. I have attached the recipe of the evening below for you to make at home.
Our dessert of the evening was a Memory Lane Chocolate Trio which consisted  of a white chocolate sweetie pie with lemon zest marshmallow inside. This paired perfectly with the Special Late Harvest.
When deciding on the menu our first request was a re-make of our firm childhood favourite, the sweetie pie that has now gone off the market! Luckily for us Rococoa now makes their own home-made one! Next to the sweetie pie was a chocolate hazelnut brownie! It was to die for! It was truly one of the best brownies I have ever tasted – crusty on the outside and gooey on the inside.
Last but not least, each guest could taste the chocolate red wine truffle that Gabi made in the demonstration. This was all enjoyed with both the Merlot and Special Late Harvest with its apricot, lemony notes and -richness.
Guests enjoyed tweeting whilst indulging in the feast before them! We were honoured to have a few bloggers and Queen Tweeters on the evening that joined us.
A BIG thank you to:
Amy Hopkins from blogs about all cool thing to do in Cape Town and places to see.
Candice Bresler, X Masterchef contestant from that blogs about all things foodie and divine!
Celebrity Chef and recipe writer Sonia Cabano. Follow her Tweets on
And a surprise visit from Anel Grobbelaar, Editor of  and fond tweeter at
For those of you that would like the Red Wine Truffle recipe please see below:
Nederburg Red Wine Moulded Choc
 1 cup Nederburg Wine Masters Merlot
½ cup cream
50 ml butter
 240 g Dark Couveture Chocolate – melted
 Dash of salt
¼ tsp of orange zest
Heat wine, cream and butter to body temperature in the microwave (plus-minus ½ min)
Gently stir the melted chocolate and other ingredients into the cream & butter and wine mixture and place in the fridge to rest to set.
Use as desired to fill your empty shells or roll into round balls of about 15ml each. Dust with cocoa powder and serve with coffee and Nederburg Wine Masters Reserve Merlot.
If you missed out check our clip below:

Next up Beauty, Bubbly and Baking this September!
Lots of foodie and wine love!
Sybil and Peet

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