Come wine with us giving back – BOY’s Summer Magic Sunset Soiree

A while ago Peet and myself had the privilege meeting Abelene Lloyd, NGO Director of Build our youth (BOY). As part of our “Come wine with us giving back” project we put our heads together with our fabulous Photographer, Jomeri from Jomeri Photography and decided to help them by documenting their whole charity evening and spread the word on what BOY is all about. This is what Abalene had to say about the evening:

“It was one of those evenings that exceeded even the highest expectation. Picture this… a perfect summer evening, sunset is close. You enter. Carefree chatter, the clink of crystal and chime of chandeliers greet you. A flute of chilled Graham Beck meets you and before your first burst of bubbles you’re captive to the magic.

Without a wall insight, and the cliff-face view, your attention is lured out to the vast Atlantic blue and her sparkling diamonds. Popping corks and effervesce lull you back to beautiful women in spaghetti straps and happy laughter pregnant with anticipation; a quiet excitement lurks for what is to come. It’s what A-list parties are made of. You could be anywhere or right here in the breathtaking Salt Restaurant for BOY’s Summer Magic Sunset Soiree. Favourite classics were brought to life like never before by three good men performing together in aid of raising up a generation of more good men for Build Our Youth (BOY).

Staged by a trio of extraordinary talent: Steinway virtuoso Christopher Duigan, Baritone extraordinaire Federico Freschi and classical guitar maestro, James Grace. BOY is about fatherhood and crime prevention. Its focus is boys; to heal, nurture and protect our boys to prevent them from growing into violent or criminal men. It is rooted in prevention being better than cure and the rationale that fatherlessness is inseparable from dangerous, high-risk-behaviour, youth violence and crime. With almost three out of four children missing their father it’s a big problem. The Soiree on Sunday, 16 December was BOY’s first event, a coming-out party so to speak and it wasn’t only the performers who had ovations and encores.

The audience response was overwhelming and the Summer Magic Sunset Soiree is set to be an annual event. The secret to such an extraordinary evening? It’s magic? Our headline act with Christopher, Federico and James , all musicians at the top of their game, would have been incomplete without the ebony and ivories. Fresh out-of-the-box, best- you-can-get sponsored by Ian Burgess-Simpson Piano’s.

A sparkling evening could never truly sparkle without an excellent sparkling wine like that bestowed by Graham Beck. Wine without food? The palate would be left wanting which brings us to Salt Restaurant’s delicious food, breathtaking view and generous dedication by the Ambassador Hotel.

Of course, Wizardz Print’s quality printing brought Matthys Ras’ gifted design to life and helped to conjure up everything the evening promised. But all of this would be nothing more than a random file in the memory banks without the exceptional photography by Jomerie Mouton sponsored by the delightful Sybil and Peet of Come Wine With Us.

The secret? It is everything and more; the whole is greater than the sum of its parts with a little of a lot of divine intervention. An evening where even the sun seemed to linger a little longer, for one more melody, before dipping under for the night; BOY’s Summer Magic Sunset Soiree was a night to remember where our souls soared and inspiration was reclaimed.”


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