Come Wine with Us November 2012 Vintage James Bond with Graham Beck @ Grand Daddy Hotel

Ending the year surrounded by bubbles and a grand venue of beautiful people, – all dressed to impress – could not have been a more appropriate year end for ComeWineWithUS. (#nirvana) If President Barack can have Graham Beck at his inaugural, then so can we have it for the last event of the year ……… Yes we Can !

The past 5 months has been an epic journey and has been a learning curve for us – and we want to thank everyone who supported us on our journey thus far– and hope to see you all in 2013.We also want to thank our past sponsors – Rococoa Restaurant with Bon Courage, Sutherland by Thelema wine estate with Five Flies Restaurant, Super Single vineyards with Sinns Restaurant and last but not least Graham Beck with Grand Daddy Hotel(twice)  for trusting in us and giving us the opportunity to help promote your product, service and brand.

Cool – so all the thank you’s are done and dusted –Silly season got off to corks popping and bubbles flowing at the Grand daddy hotel with our last Come Wine with Us event.

Graham Beck (back for a second time) came out guns blazing, bringing with them their man-of-mystery Bubbles Ferreira (@bubblesferreira) – who definitely got the evening shaken, not stirred with his bubbly personality and years of insight as the head bubbles maker at Graham Beck.


We had so much fun the previous month at the Grand Daddy, that we decided to return for another round! The evening kick started on the rooftop bar! Guests were welcomed by the Come wine with us team and Graham Beck with a lovely glass of Rose NV Cap Classique.

For the month of November we decided on a “Vintage” James bond theme which blended in very well with the month of Movember, and the newly released James Bond movie on circuit. All 120 tickets were sold out before the invite went live!
As most of the Come wine with us members know by now, if there’s a theme you go all out! We were very impressed with all the gorgeous ladies’ fashion as well as the men’s suits and tuxes.

After a brief welcome, Bubbles Ferreira gave us a brief intro about Graham Beck Method Cap Classique. Pieter, who has been with Graham Beck for the last few years, is one of the top Method Cap Classique wine makers in the country and has an undying passion for bubbly.

He introduced us to the very well-known Graham Beck NV Brut. This specific bubbly has been enjoyed by many famous politicians such as Nelson Mandela (end of Apartheid in 1994) and Barack Obama (inaugural address).

We decided to pair the Brut NV with the ever so popular Freshly shucked oysters with Vietnamese Dressing and bruchetta with basil pesto, mozarella and cherry plum tomatoes.

The fresh grassy characters of the Brut went very well with the Vietnamese
dressing, making the flavours quite pungent and impressionable. We even converted non oyster eaters to bona vide oyster eaters with this dish! So if you keen to try them out be sure to visit Graham Beck’s “Gorgeous” Restaurant on Steenberg.


Following the oysters, everyone made their way to the Grand Daddy restaurant below where a lovely tappas table had been laid out with fresh homemade bread, almond cheese straws, artichoke and bean dip, rocket and macadamia pesto cream cheese dip and smoked trout and dill dip.

Guests were sorely tempted and immediately tucking into the dishes before them. Each guest also received a deconstructed sushi salad with a sesame Mirin dressing.

Pieter introduced us to the second and 3d bubbly for the evening aka – Vintage Rose 2009 with Brut Zero 2005. These two bubbly’s were the highlights of the evening. Both bubblies are very complex which has been left on the lease for a long time, thereby giving it those special characters which makes vintage cap classique so unique.

The Brut Zero is known for NO added sugar… so girls and guys who are watching their waistlines, this is the bubbly to drink this holiday season! The Rose Vintage is an exceptionally delicate and also a fantastic food bubbly.

Bubbly’s are very delectable alcoholic drinks that pair very well with delicate and clean foods like salmon, oysters, artichokes and sushi. An absolute no no when it comes to bubbly pairing is to pair spicy food with bubbly! It just does not go down well with CO2 bubbles!


Meanwhile, guests were having a blast and the first prizes of the evening were being awarded; a prize for the most tweets and for the most original photo shared! We at Come wine with us believe in engaging with the client on a more personal level, thereby making the experience more enjoyable.


For the last bubbly we did quite the opposite and we opted in with something a little more sweet known as the Graham Beck Bliss. What makes it unique to other sweet wines, is that it actually goes through the same method as the Cap Classique, only more sugar is added. Quite refreshing on the palate with loads of red berry characters makes it an ideal dessert wine.

We decided that a lovely Strawberry mousse with crushed meringue and fresh fruit was the ideal choice. The soft mousse and soft notes of the Bliss Bubbly was a complete marriage and the cherry on top for the evening.


All in all we had a fantastic evening and it was a super great function for Come wine with us. Allow us to take some time to thank each and every one, who joined us this year. We hoped you enjoyed the experience as much as we did.

A specail thanks to our amazing freelance photographer Jomeri for her amazing pics yet again! View here website or book her for any special occasion! She is brilliant! 

Credit: All Hats were supplied and made by The Little Hattery


There will unfortunately be no Come wine with us evenings in December and January.


However for February we are planning a “Come wine with us in Robertson” at the Hands-on Harvest on the 22 and 23 Feb 2013. The idea is to experience the farms which you have experienced with Come wine with us this year. We are booking cottages for 2×4 and 2×6 at Olifantskrans River Cabins.
We’ll post the itinerary on this event as soon as it becomes available !
Happy Holidays!
Lots of foodie and wine love
Sybil and Peet

PS. If you missed out on the evening have a look at the following clip captured and edited by the fabulous girls, Meagan and Tarryn Pascall from UFilm


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