Come wine with us @ FiveFlies with Thelema “Sutherland” range

Teaching an old dog new tricks can be tough……..but this also depends on who does the teaching. This was the impression that #CWWU and our guests got when attending our September event at Five Flies restaurant.

With a new owner in town,  this old Cape Town favourite has been put back on the map of restaurant eateries.
It was a privilege for us as #CWWU and our guests to experience excellent service that will be hard to match anywhere else.
From the get go until the last guest departed, the staff remained friendly, helpful and super efficient. The menu boasted an all new experiment that paired perfectly with Thelema Sutherland Wines.
The warm ambiance, high standard of service and quality of their food is but a few of the compliments we received with our feedback.
Matching Five Flies restaurants reputation with a well known wine estate such as Thelema, was a winning combination.


Thelema,who is very well known for their bold Merlot’s and savvy Sauvignon Blancs have recently bought an apple farm in the gorgeous Elgin valley. The new range that has recently been launched, “Sutherland” is well priced and has loads to offer.

After tasting the wines before the event we were left wanting more and couldn’t wait for the night of the event itself. Sutherland by Thelema wines was a new experience for all our guests , and take my word for it , it WAS an amazing one.
The wine was perfectly balanced, and was as remarkable from the first sip till the last drop in the bottle.The Sauvignon Blanc with its cool coastal notes was a perfect start to the evening which so many of the members of #CWWU were looking forward to.


For the first course, the Viognier/Roussanne 2009 , was definitely the wine that got the tweets going, and kept the conversation flowing throughout the evening. The Viognier/Roussanne 2009 is not your typical Viognier and is quite an unique variety not familiar to most South Africans.This blend exhibited sun-dried apricots and petal aromas, with rosemary and marzipan undertones.



It was paired with Smoked Mussel beignet with a caramelized onion blini and celeriac veloute. Chef Andre, who has recently been appointed by Jo Ann at Five Flies has garnered experience by working abroad in gastronomic countries such as Australia. His dish style is elegant yet packed with loads of flavour and aromas that tantalizes any foodies taste buds.


Next up was the Sutherland Pino Noir 2010. This wine was light and clean, with earthy wild strawberry and raspberry flavours with an elegant finish. Chef Andre thought that Salmon would be the ideal match! The final verdict was Olive oil poached salmon with cold pea puree, pickled beets and horseradish foam. This dish was delicate enough to compliment the fine note of the Pino Noir 2010.


Our third wine was the Sutherland Cabernet Sauvignon/Petit Verdot 2008. The wine was packed with dark fruit flavours, and showed a pleasant spiciness on the palate. There was a refreshing sweet blackcurrant finish with notes of aniseed.

These characters was incorporated into the main dish that was Venison of Kudu loin, with red cabbage pain perdu (bread and butter savoury pudding), star anise apples, parsienne potatoes and oyster hollandaise. An absolute match made in heaven!

Last but not least was the Sutherland Syrah 2008.Tasty and complex was the two main characters of this wine; showing black berry flavours with great texture on the palate. 

This was an excellent choice ending a fantastic evening with Brandy cheesecake, spiced Indonesian sponge with sour cherry sauce and popcorn foam. An interesting combo but it worked wonderfully with the aromatic characters of the Cab.
All in all a fantastic evening which our guests enjoyed immensely. A big thank you to Five Flies and Thelema wine estate for a fantastic evening that would not easily be forgotten.



Lots of foodie and wine love
Sybil and Peet


All photos taken by Jomeri Photography
Promo Video taken and edited by Bernard Bruwer

A sneak peak of what went on behind the scenes…



Recipe with compliments of Five Flies Restaurant!


Celeriac veloute, caramelized blini, and smoked mussel beignets

Vegetable stock
1 carrot
1 stick celery
1 onion
2 cloves garlic
10g thyme
1 bay leaf
4 peppercorns
1 tps mustard seeds
2 tps coriander seeds
3 L water
Allow to lightly simmer for 3 hrs, take off and let flavours infuse and cool for 1 hr, pass through muslin and store
Celeriac veloute
1 kg celeriac (peeled and cut into cubes)
1 L vegetable stock
500ml cream
500ml milk
1 bay leaf
Place all ingredients into a pot, allow to lightly simmer, place a piece of grease proof  directly on top and cook till soft. Watch constantly, add veg stock if required.
Blend till smooth, strain and season to taste with salt only.
Onion blini
4 large onions finely sliced, place in pan and cook till golden, remove from heat, set half aside.
Blini mix
500g potato
5 tbps crème fraiche
4 Large eggs
4 Large egg yolks
10 tbps flour
Half the caramelized onions.
Blend all ingredients together, the season to taste with salt and white pepper, and mix in the left over caramelized onion.
Cook when ready to serve in a blini pan, or  if you don’t have a  blini pan available  in a tray in the oven before hand, then just cut to desired shape and colour in any other pan
Smoked mussel beignets
450g white fish meat (hake works well)
110g crème fraiche.
55g double cream
1 tps lemon juice
1,5 egg whites
100g mussels, steamed, and lightly smoked, alternatively, u can buy smoke aroma, which gives food a smoke flavour, it’s in the form of a liquid.
Blend all ingredients besides mussels, when blended add mussels, season with salt and white pepper., fry a small amount off to taste if seasoning is correct, if so. form mix into 15g balls and place in the freezer for 40 min, just enough to firm a bit, then crumb using panko bread crumbs(a product of Japan)
To finish, heat veloute, either cook off blinis or reheat, deep fry beignets till golden brown at 160 degrees.
First put down veloute, the place blini on top, and finally the beignets sitting on the blini, finish off with a drizzle of vinaigrette (1 part white wine vinegar, 2 parts olive oil.



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