For the past few months things have been happening faster than you can say Champagne for everyone. We want to start of by thanking those that that made the past event at Rocacao super special and for all the facebook likes and tweets on the evening. The response that we received from friend-of-friends-of-friends that wanted to join the next come wine with us event has been a true accolade to the power of social media and a true testament that we are all connected through someone we never thought we had in common.

Our journey has been one filled with good wine, divine food and even better friends and laughter. It has been a good feeling walking away from a evening knowing that you were surrounded by a crowd of people that appreciate the finer things in life and nothing could round it of better than the theme for this month’s Come Wine with Us as Bon Courage and Rococoa

During a wet , Wackywine weekend  Bon-Courage was approached to be part of Come Wine with Us. The countless number of oysters and bottles of divine bubbles helped clinch the deal and selecting the wine we want to present started in all haste.  Bon Courageis , located in the middle of the Robertson wine route. Its flagship red wines that is marketed under the INKARA label should be in any wine collectors collection. The Bruwer family is also passionate about their  Cap Classiques (bubbles) – and has won numerous international and national accolades for this.

The theme for June being chocolate and red-wine we could not have asked for a better partner than Rococoa. Rococoa Restaurant is bases in the Palms Centre, Woodstock, Cape Town and  was the perfect and  obvious choice to host our event. Unique for their chocolate academy and museum where  live chocolate tours and demonstrations takes place on a regular basis it’s a MUST DO on any chocoholics to do list. From homemade hot chocolates to the finest savoury dishes makes them a great choice for a quick break away lunch or breakfast.
 The food and wine pairing for the evening included the following:
 Welcoming drink  – Hill Side Red Shiraz/ Cab 2010

Pinotage 2010to be paired with goats cheese round, tick berry compote, candied walnuts and cumin fennel crisp with black salt.

Inkara Cabernet 2010 to be paired with Cocoa and Espresso rubbed beef fillet on sweet potato organic mash topped with a eggplant and chocolate nib caponata with mini micro herbs.

Inkara Shiraz 2010 – just for tasting

Red Muscadelle 2012 to be paired with a 3 layered strawberry and white chocolate ganache stack.

White Muscadelle 2012 – just for tasting

Vintage Port 2011
to be paired with ‘n molasses ginger bread chocolate square
Guests all arrived at 19:00 and was taken on a chocolate tour to entice their taste buds for what was coming. After everyone sipped on their welcome drink that was Bon Courage Hill side Red Shiraz/Cab we were well on our way with starting the evening.

First up was the Pinotage 2010. A proudly South African variety that most consumers either love or hate. This one had specifically loads of aromatic characters that made it quite interesting on the pallet. Alet and her team thought of pairing it with a  goats cheese round, tick berry compote, candied walnuts and cumin fennel crisp with black salt would be the ideal combination and indeed it was.  Guests was enticed by the beautifully attention to detail with the presentation of the food.

Our second wine was one of the flagship wines and my favourite of this estate – INKARA Cabernet Sauvignon.
This flagship wine range consist out of a Cabernet Sauvignon and a Shiraz that is handpicked and places into new French oak barrels each year. It is evident that this is the pride and joy of Jacques Bruwer as the passion it was made with is evident in the strong aroma and rich colour of the wine.

For the food pairing we thought it good that the INKARA Cabernet Sauvignon would be the ideal with the Cocoa and Espresso rubbed beef fillet on sweet potato organic mash topped with a eggplant and chocolate nib caponata with mini micro herbs.
The spicy characters of the Cab with its exceptionally well balanced body complimented the fillet perfectly.  The INKARA Shiraz was opened and served as taster, and had tongues wagging about its bold smoky flavours.

Everything was becoming more vibey and everyone was having a great time and we were well on our way towards the desserts.

For our third and fourth wine we decided to go down the sweet route. First up was the Red Muscadelle. One of the first wines that was planted on Bon Courage  when the farm was bought in 1927. It is tradition to drink this wine with crushed ice on a hot summers day, but doubles just as well on a cold winters evening straight up. One of the guests on the evening shared his experience by adding some lemon zest to the sweet wine that gave a easy drinking feel to it.
Rococao thought of pairing a raspberry and white chocolate stacked ganache  (chocolate+cream = ganache) with the Red Muscadelle. It was beyond decadent and one of the favourites of the evening. The Cape Vintage 2010 was deep and plumy with loads of burnt sugar notes.  Rococao felt that this will go decadently good with a molasses ginger bread chocolate square.  The dark characters of the wine and the burnt characters of the molasses was complete marriage. This pairing gave a new meaning to the phrase ginger and spice and all things nice.
As an extra add on was a chocolate vodka shot with dark chocolate cup and vodka infused whipped dark chocolate. Deliciously dark!

The evening was easing towards the end but conversations was still rolling, wine was still flowing and goodbyes was still on hold. All in all it was a great evening and plenty friends was made and numbers exchanged over fantastic food and wine.

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Till next time!
Lots of foodie and wine love
Sybil  and Peet
With compliments from Rococoa Restaurant two wonderful recipes….

 Cocoa & Espresso Beef Fillet.

2 heaped tablespoons of good quality cocoa powder

2 heaped teaspoons of ground espresso

1 tablespoon of brown sugar

salt & pepper for seasoning

olive oil

good sized beef fillet

Season beef fillet with salt & pepper and roll in olive oil – sear in very hot pan until meat has a good golden brown colour all around.

Meat should still be very raw in the middle after searing. Now cool meat down to room temperature. Mix cocoa, espresso and sugar in a small bowl.

Now rub mixture into meat, coating the entire beef fillet well. Put fillet on a oven tray and cook at 180C for 30 min (if fillet is small, reduce cooking time to 20-25min).

Meat should be medium and a beautiful pink inside. Rest meat for 10 minutes before cutting portions.

 Candied Winter Walnuts.

2 cups of Raw walnuts

3 cups of White sugar

1 teaspoon of cinnamon

half a teaspoon of all spice

Heat sugar in cast iron pan on medium heat until starting to melt – do not stir with any utensils.

Once sugar is a light golden brown colour start swirling pan to combine all the sugar from the sides of the pan.

Sugar will be thick and golden – add walnuts and use wooden spoon to coat all the nuts in sugar.

Once coated, immediately remove coated nuts from the pan onto parchment paper or a silicone baking sheet.

With 2 forks, separate the nuts from each other and let it dry on the sheet.

Warning : sugar heats very quickly and can burn in an instant and can also cause some serious burning on skin!

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